„We believe that Innovation is key for sustainability“


Property markets are constantly changing.

It is important to recognize new opportunities at an early stage and to seize opportunities in good time. What was considered impossible just a few years ago can now be made a reality. Only with professional advice is it possible for foreign investors to identify these opportunities and benefit from them. With our services, we provide access to the German real estate market and first-class financing opportunities. Get the benefit of 20 years of experience by taking advantage of our service.
In recent years, our company has acquired and successfully acquired real estate for around 150 million euros. Here we can fall back on 20 years of experience. Especially in the current market environment, this is extremely important in order to successfully complete a purchase process.
Due Diligence
Here we have been working together with the TÜV for many years. For each real estate a technical appraisal is provided by this. This is the only way to reliably assess the condition of a property. The economic examination is carried out by us. Here, too, we can draw on our experience to assess the economic potential of a property.
Acquisition financing
We have excellent banking contacts to German banks with whom we have been working together very trustfully for the last 10 years. Purchase financing up to an LTV of 90% is possible.
Purchase contract formulation and evaluation
In principle, the buyer selects the notary from whom the purchase is to be made. We have been working together with several notaries for many years. We are happy to provide these if required.
The entire handling of a sales contract is supervised by our house. This includes the examination of the purchase price due conditions as well as the corresponding entries in the land register and the payment of the purchase price.
We accompany the complete takeover of the acquired property. This includes the transfer of all property documents and contracts to the new property management and the examination of the seller's accounts. The aim should be to implement a takeover quickly and without delay in order to collect the rental payments without delay.
Exit / Sale
Our company has very good sales contacts throughout Germany. We have access to around 1,500 agents who work for various sales companies. In recent years, these networks have successfully placed around 450 apartments.

New markets must be identified at the right time in order to profit from them.

Thanks to established alliances, we have access to other European real estate markets that are currently experiencing an above-average upswing. Selecting the right strategy and knowing the exact legal situation are key criteria to successful investments. Through our cooperation with resident companies, we are able to advise you about this in detail and show you possible ways to invest into the future.