Shoreline Capital: Trust in more than 20 years of expertise

Shoreline Capital guides its clients from the first vision to the final implementation. Trust in our will to succeed and our experience.

Rouven Zinke

The founder of Shoreline Capital GmbH, Mr. Rouven Zinke, has been working in the real estate and construction industry for more than 20 years now. Founded by Mr. Zinke in 2009 in Küsnacht / ZH, Shoreline Capital GmbH has been active on the German real estate market ever since. What distinguishes Mr. Zinke's style from others is his extraordinary creativity in combining the various requirements of a property into an overall concept. He knows the German market like no other, and offers an unparalleled understanding of the situation and the economic opportunities of a building based on years of experience.

„Visionary Investments never fail, if carried out properly.“